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2:22 A Ghost Story - It's Happening Again

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Sunday, 14 May 2023

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Sunday, 17 September 2023

Running time
2 hours (incl. interval)

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2:22 A Ghost Story

This smash hit production is written by Danny Robins and directed by Matthew Dunster. It has been thrilling audiences for some time. Now it’s transferring for the second time to its third venue, after two previous sold-out runs. Head to the Criterion Theatre and see for yourself. Three record breaking seasons at the Noel Coward Theatre, the Gielgud Theatre and the Criterion Theatre can’t be wrong. New casting has been announced for the latest transfer. The cast members for the new venue include Tom Felton as Sam, Mandip Gill as Jenny, Beatriz Romilly as Lauren and Sam Swainsbury as Ben. Can you resist the terror?

Meet Jenny. She’s frightened, certain her nice new home is haunted. Her husband Sam doesn’t believe a word of it. When their old friend Lauren and her new boyfriend Ben come to the new house for a dinner party, the arguments carry on. Belief and scepticism clash, the night darkens, time passes, and something starts to feel very wrong. Whatever it is, it’s getting closer. The four decide to stay up until 2:22 and see what happens. No wonder audiences are loving the tension this clever play generates. If you end up sleeping with the light on afterwards, you won’t be alone. It’s super-spooky!

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Young Couples:

Interesting, worrying and occasionally humerus
Good fun but if you've a problem with strobe lighting beware. It seemed to knock the the guy next to my missis for six.....or perhaps her company was too much for the fella....it's all but done for me!....Great show...well done!
Barry, 11 Sep 2023
Well written modern day ghost story.
I don't want to say much about the plot in case I put spoilers, but I can say the audience were all on the edge of their seats and it was avery clever story.
Cat, 10 Sep 2023
Great story, worth seeing.
This is a very good ghost story. Music used to great effect to build tension. Our seats were at the top of the grand circle so about as high as possible, but we still had a good view and really enjoyed the show.
Helen, 06 Sep 2023
Great story , immersive
Watch closely ?
William, 02 Sep 2023
A great show with good actors. A mysterious and entreat show.
Angela, 28 Aug 2023
A long wait for any action
I enjoyed the show but felt I drifted off at times, the build and suspension didn't quite work for me. The action wasn't till the last 20mins which I felt was a bit wasted. One character made the show and he was funny. The rest of the acting was a bit boring for my liking.
Kirsty, 26 Aug 2023
Must see
I loved 2.22, the acting was great, the actors were energetic. I enjoyed the story, it kept me guessing!
Mary, 20 Aug 2023
Really good show
Went with my two teenagers and we all really enjoyed it. Well worth seeing.
Elaine, 20 Aug 2023
Brian, 16 Aug 2023
Well worth seeing
It's not a typical ghost story. It has a special twist which I had worked out only a few minutes before it was revealed. Keeps you engrossed throughout. I did have a man with a large head in front of me so I had to lean from one side to the other when he kept moving in his seat. Fortunately there was no one behind me.
Jacqueline, 15 Aug 2023
Glued to the story!
Show is for adults who enjoy a good story that is thrilling to watch. A few jumps in my seat.
Jennifer, 07 Aug 2023
Ryan gosling was amazing! 3 him.
Stephanie, 06 Aug 2023
Fabulous show ! music, lighting and the tension 10/10
Amazing show well done to everyone involved. The tension built up so well, and the little details really made it a dynamic and complex show. But still very relatable which made it even more tense! Loved it will probably go again
Clare, 04 Aug 2023
Average Night
I didn’t find the story engaging or interesting - really I didn’t buy into the character Jenny when she first walked onto the stage. I found the expressions and manner false - I felt like I was watching someone trying to act scared, anxious, afraid. The second half mainly the last ten mins was better but again, the screeching, shouting. The two men actors were good but overall the story and narrative was boring. The twist at the end was a twist for the sake of it - and in my limited knowledge showed how poor the story was as the twist felt like oh, well we had to do something. At the end of the show you can see how much the actors put into the performance - but overall for me it was average. That’s the point of theatre trying different shows - it needed more depth and layers to the story - as really after watching it you could some it up and or outline key facts in under a minute. The clock on stage shouldn’t be used by the audience thinking, seriously when is that clock going to reach 2:22 - That said, many people in the audience laughed and found it entertaining. I don’t usually read reviews before I go to the theatre as it’s each to their own - so if the story sounds good to you, still give it a go as everyone is different.
Jennie, 28 Jul 2023
The show was Ok...nothing special. Many critics gave it 4 or 5 stars but it just wasn't for me...I kept zoning out. The acting was ok but it wasn't as engaging as I wanted it to be. The plot twist was quite good, but was generally the only memorable thing about this show. Others may disagree, but generally was not for me.
Jasmine, 17 Jul 2023
Disappointed that Sophia Bush was not performing and that this was not advertised.
Natasha, 13 Jul 2023
Absolutely amazing
If you like laughter, humour and suspense. This is the show for you.. such a good twist. I loved it!
Rachel, 25 Jun 2023
Heart in my mouth
An amazing show, the dramatics, the music, the acting. Just everything!
Nicola, 23 Jun 2023
Totally brilliant.
Great set. Lots of surprises and twists as well as being funny too. kept the audience absolutely entranced.
Abi, 22 Jun 2023
Ms Winston is one of my favourite actors, she and the other cast members were awesome. Very atmospheric play, brilliantly acted, a great production.
Susan, 08 Jun 2023
Really wonderful!
The actors were absolutely phenomenal in their roles. The dialogue was perfect, a great mixture of mystery and comedy. We were on the edge of our seats toward the end of the story. Highly recommend!
Elizabeth, 27 May 2023
Try and get seats near the front as we were in the balcony and couldn't see very much at all. Didn't think this show lived up to expectations at all. The man next to us fell asleep!
LIZZIE, 24 Apr 2023
Gasps and laughter
A rollercoaster of a show … makes your laugh out loud, gasp with shock and jump outbid your seat. Topical and relevant.
julie, 23 Apr 2023
I enjoyed the show very much and would recommend it to anyone. One criticism would be sometimes it was hard to hear what the actors were saying, particularly Jake, maybe his microphone wasn't working properly.
Moira, 17 Apr 2023
poorly acted
the show was very average - poor acting on the whole and as a result the ending was almost academic
lisa, 15 Apr 2023
Absolutely Brilliant!
Jake Wood stole the show he was fantastic! Cheryl was brilliant too.
JANET, 02 Apr 2023
2.22 = 100% worth seeing
Really enjoyed the show, especially Jake Wood. Having never watched Eastenders I had only read of him but he was brilliant. Rest of the cast were great too. I hope Danny Robbins has another play or two in mind.
Stephen, 01 Apr 2023
Supernaturally superb
Great show, great story great cast!
Joanne, 31 Mar 2023
Enjoyed the play
Thoroughly enjoyed the play. Really impressed with Cheryl. Highly recommend the play.
Steven, 27 Mar 2023
Entertaining evening
An enjoyable evening. Love a play. This one was enjoyable. It was amusing and a good atmosphere was created. It can hold its own without a ‘star’ on the billing, just needs good actors. I imagine it will tour well as it’s something you would see just the once.
Lisa, 26 Mar 2023
Found the story slow. Twist at the end predictable. Actors when angry instead of "acting" anger, just shouted - sound not good so just distorted speech.
Carol, 23 Mar 2023
A Good Twist
Thoroughly enjoyed this show. A few moments that will make you jump, and an ending that I didn't see coming!
Michelle, 22 Mar 2023
Great twist at the end
I went to see this play with my boyfriend. We both really enjoyed it and loved the twist at the end! Would recommend this play as a date night idea.
Gemma, 20 Mar 2023
Better Than Expected
Honestly, I booked the ticket thinking Tom Felton would be in the show and was pretty disappointed when I saw he wasn’t so I went for it without any expectations and I was blown away by everything. The theatre, the ambiance, the acting, costumes, the seat, everything was great.
Jovana, 13 Mar 2023
Must see
So good and such a nice small atmosphere it is so gripping
Rowan, 12 Mar 2023
Great show and acting was great
good mix of funny and scary Parts.
David, 06 Mar 2023
Must see
Fabulous story - keeps you guessing till the end.
Emma, 06 Mar 2023
An interesting show
The show for the most part was brilliant. The only bad point I can think of is a lack of an epilogue. The main questions of the show are answered but you leave the theatre wanting to know how the actors respond to the truth.
Harminder, 02 Mar 2023
Brilliantly scripted, well thought-out, a joy to watch!
This was a story-driven production. Although it's based in just one setting and only 4 characters, the lighting, sound, acting and script have you so absorbed that you don't miss having set changes. Each character has their own story and it comes together beautifully.
Sameena, 02 Mar 2023
Fantastic show
Was so surprised by this show. The story and the acting was excellent. It’s one of those shows that the more you think about it after, the better it gets. Very clever.
Glenys, 26 Feb 2023
2.22 Ghost Story
Phillip, 20 Feb 2023
Excellent acting
Brilliant show, loved the suspense and comedy.
Lisa, 16 Feb 2023
A triumph
Best show I’ve ever seen.. acting, story, lighting, edge of my seat most of the time
Portia, 09 Feb 2023
Great play
If you like a ghost story this play is a must, just excellent all round.
kenneth, 01 Feb 2023
Fun and frights
Great acting from all involved
Adrian, 29 Jan 2023
Brilliant show, would recommend seeing!
Great show and cast, lots of suspense built up throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Emily, 01 Jan 2023
Delightful Chills
Everything from A to Z is so great and fresh
Wade, 30 Dec 2022
Jump scares a plenty ?
Amazing! Loved every minute of this play. It had the audience screaming and plenty of jump scares, you have to see this play. The acting was so believable it was like being a fly on the wall.
Sarah, 30 Oct 2022